Free Bridge Games – The Game That’s Making the Crowd Goes Crazy!

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Free Bridge Games – The Game That’s Making the Crowd Goes Crazy!

CNN in their amazing PC Presentation has done a huge prank on the internet world. They have started a new website that will show free bridge games at their sites. So you need to click to this link to view some of the free games they have on offer. Then you need to make a comment and start playing the games, right?

I found out that the name of the site is simple BridgeBrain that has the sole purpose of providing free bridge games for people to play. I then came to know that there are six different games which are available to play. This really makes the site. They have the best bridge games that you can find anywhere.

The games are presented in a good manner and there is no lag or laginess when the game starts. I was not able to make my comment and play the game in its entirety because I had already started it, but there were a few rounds when I did not get a chance to join in the game. This is because the time limit runs out very soon. The game was too much for me to play so I just finished up one game and then moved on to the next one.

These bridge games are not expensive and there is no risk in joining. Also you can play against all computer generated versions of yourself. There is a lot of fun involved in these games, that you will definitely enjoy.

If you have played bridge games in your childhood, you will be glad to learn that they have been updated and improved. There are puzzles for people to solve and you have to choose a certain number of bridge pieces in order to reach the goal. It is a very interesting challenge.

These bridge games are also addictive. After you have joined for a while you will start playing again. You have to move from one part of the board to another until you reach the goal in one go. When you solve the puzzle you are awarded with points.

Besides the interesting aspects of the free bridge games, the entertainment they provide is also high. You will never run out of game to play and the benefits you get from it are so worth the price.

All in all, CNN has done a great prank on the Internet by offering these games for free. They have made the most popular social networking website of the world a place where you can enjoy the pleasure of playing games in a relaxed environment. The latest games are all available for free and CNN has surely added something nice to the website.